Don’t Click Here

Have you always been a poor listener?  I’m not comfortable talking about myself but now that you have come here I have to.

I’m a man of compassion and conviction setting others free with the transformational love of God.  Along the way, I am a Husband, Father, Brother, Son, and Grandpa.

Up until 1998, I was an atheist. I didn’t have a lightening strike moment from atheist to Christian. It was a slow but steady progression assisted by loving and caring people who let me grow at my own pace.

Because of my past – and even my present – I appreciate atheists, unchurched, dechurched, church curious or fearful, and even church people. I’m not the smartest guy or the most eloquent but I believe I can share a perspective on my culture and my faith that hopefully cuts away our culture’s gods, dispels meaningless religious jargon and breaks down dead forms and structures so that you, dear reader, might discover a little more life in exchange for your precious time.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Click Here”

  1. Wow! I did not know you used to be an atheist! Praise God! This is why you present such a balanced and non-judgemental understanding of God! Glad to know you as a brother in Christ!

  2. who can resist when it says “Don’t click here”? But that is normally where I click to find out about a blog that impacts me… So I guess I don’t listen very well. Hahahahahahaha

  3. To be honest, I got here because it said “Don’t click here.”
    I am pleased to know that you were once an atheist, now a christian. This kind of rekindles the hope I have too that some atheists who interact with me on my blog will one day get to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as well.

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