Do you plan and implement events or programs? You might want to check yourself for these possible cognitive distortions.

All-or-nothing thinking
I can’t possibly know all the necessary information to run this program.

We’ve never done anything like this – these kinds of programs don’t work in our town.

Mental filter
There are too many untried and unproved things for me to teach.

Disqualifying the positive
Even though a lot of people were helped, we made some really big mistakes in running the program.

Mind reading
That person on the phone probably doesn’t like the program and wants to drop.

Fortune teller error
Nobody is going to be helped by the program.

Magnification or minimization
Gloria said some really mean things about the program last night – everybody must have thought the same thing.

Emotional reasoning
I feel really inadequate to deal with all the emotional problems of the participants, therefore I am worthless.

Labeling and mislabeling
I’m so stupid for having forgotten to make a name tag for the new participant.

I am a failure because some participants gave poor reviews of the program.

Should statements
I should have divided the groups differently; then everybody would be happy.

You can address these thoughts using the acronym SWIM.

State the feels – name what you are feeling and where is it coming from.
Wonder if it’s true – fact check your feelings; argue with yourself.
Involve others for a fresh perspective – get out of your head and listen to other’s feedback.
Make peace with the truth – the truth is you are probably very capable, did a good job, had a positive impact, and should keep working the program, making improvements as you go!