These highlights are from an article called, “Domestic Violence Warning Signs for the Workplace” at Make It Our Business. The full article is available as a PDF – Download the PDF

Here are some indications a person close to you may be experiencing abuse:

  • Change in job performance: poor concentration, errors, slowness,
  • Strong reactions or avoidance of calls/text messages from partner,
  • Disruptive personal visits to workplace by present or former partner or spouse,
  • Absenteeism or lateness for work,
  • Reluctance to leave work,
  • Obvious injuries that are often attributed to “falls,” “being clumsy,” or “accidents,”
  • Clothing that is inappropriate for the season, such as long sleeves and turtlenecks,
  • Minimization or denial of harassment or injuries,
  • Isolation; unusually quiet and keeping away from others,
  • Signs of anxiety and fear,
  • Lack of access to money.

Often it can take a person up to 7 attempts to leave an abusive relationship. If you are giving support this can seem frustrating. It’s important to be patient, listen, and encourage seeking help.