Recently, I shared highlights from an article concerning the myth of the free ride – post-secondary education funding and First Nations people. Here are another 5 myths about indigenous peoples. These are from an article by Chelsea Vowel.

  1. Indigenous peoples do not pay taxes. The effect of this myth is seeing First Nations people as lazy, socially parasitic and less than.
  2. Indigenous peoples receive free housing. While there may be some funding for social housing this isn’t unique to First Nations people.
  3. Alcohol abuse is a cultural trait or Indigenous peoples cannot metabolize alcohol. First Nations people metabolize and react to alcohol the same way everyone else does. More Indigenous people abstain from alcohol than in the general Canadian population.
  4. Indigenous peoples have legitimate grievances stemming from awful things that were done in the past, the advent of a modern democracy means we are now all equal and have equal access to the same rights.There is no break between the past and present and that equality does not mean “the same.”
  5. Things are inevitably getting better. The truth is, racism towards First Nations people is pervasive across all our institutions. Generational trauma and repressive polices have significant impact on First Nations communities.

We must stop perpetuating these myths if we are end the racism that undermines the healing needed by First Nations peoples.