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I recently heard that we should ask ourselves if we are living to write a resume or to create a eulogy.

I’m not sure what the original person meant but what that statement said to me is, am I just trying to look good for others or am I living to serve others? I say that because I’ve noticed that the eulogies or parts of eulogies that seem to be most meaningful are where service to others is the focus.

A recent funeral I conducted was a simple graveside service. It was to be short and it was cold out which made it even shorter. Even so, I asked people to take a moment and share in just a few words what this dear mother, sister, aunt and friend meant to them; how did she touch their lives. What was shared in that moment was powerful, inspirational, hopeful. With all this in mind, I thought about my own passing and what would be my eulogy.

So here’s the deal. When my time comes, I want to be cremated so it’s just a memorial. For the service, I ask that the people who know me to read my texts to them, my tweets and posts or blogs that meant the most to them. They can be heartfelt, funny, challenging, even annoying (like all those times I was right and you didn’t want to admit it – you know who you are). Throw in a few songs and an announcement about lunch and that’s the service. But I have a caveat.

They can’t be read into the air where they will dissolve into the wind. They have to be read to another person so it’s for them too.

That would be a good eugoogaly.

How about you? What would your eulogy be like?