Do you know what you cannot do? I try to write from a position of affirmation and encouragement. But do you know, no matter how hard you try, what you cannot do?

One of my favourite devotional books is Steps to Christ. It’s succinct yet packed with inspiration. Each time I read it, I discover something new. That’s why I was delighted to find a blog from newenglandpastor called,  No, You Can’t.

I encourage you to click the link and read the whole post but I want to give you a highlight.

“What is it that she wants us to understand we cannot do? Check these out (and look them up for yourself so you can see the full context; the page numbers are in the parentheses)…

Change our hearts (18)
Purify the springs of life (18)
Control our thoughts, impulses, affections (47)
Change our hearts (47)
Give to God the heart’s affections (47)
Atone for our past sins (51)
Change our hearts (51)
Make ourselves holy (51)
Resist evil (52)
Originate or produce love (59)
Make ourselves righteous (62)
Perfectly obey the holy law (62)
Become partakers of the life which Christ came to give (67)
Bear fruit of ourselves (68)

It’s like a broken record – especially the idea that we cannot “change our hearts,” which she says three times!

…This tells me, among other things, that simply telling people what to do is not enough – because simply telling them what to do does not give them the ability and moral strength to accomplish it. They will simply become better informed sinners.”

Wow. This post is right on the money. Please check it out; I know you’ll be blessed but then come back and tell me what it means to you to know what you cannot do.