Here is my Fall Fit Challenge week 4 recap. I am continuously updating the original Fall Fitness Challenge post with each day’s exercises.  Save that page and refresh it often to see the next exercises and sets.

Here are some guidelines:

Do some light, gentle, movements to get the blood flowing before you begin.
Strive to do the number of seconds or reps even if you have to take a break.
Modify as needed but try to keep the exercises difficult.
Focus on keeping your form and engaging your core.

S = seconds so 20s means 20 seconds.
See disclaimer below.

Week 4 – Repeat each set of daily exercises at least 3 (THIS IS NEW) times.

Saturday: Rest.

Friday: Plank 45s, Push Ups 10, Mountain Climbers 30s, Burpees 10, Side Angle Stretch hold for 30 seconds.

Thursday: Cat/Cow Stretch 10 of each, Side Plank 30s, Reverse Snow Angels (no weight) 30s, Shoulder Taps 15 (each time you tap a shoulder = 1), Burpees 10.

Wednesday: Rest

Tuesday: Push Ups 10, Squats 50, Side Planks 45s, Lunges with twist 15 per side

Monday: Plank 45s, Mountain Climbers 30s, Burpees 15, Side Angle Stretch hold for 30 seconds.

Sunday: Plank 45s, Push Ups 10, Squats 40 + Jump Squats 10, Side Plank 45s (both sides) , Reverse Snow Angels (no weight) 20s, Brettzels 30s per side.



Like all those other fitness stuff, make sure you are able to start a beginner to intermediate intensity fitness program. See your doctor if you have any health conditions that could be aggravated, injuries that could be affected, or any medications that may need adjustment. Modify the exercises as needed to ensure they are the correct intensity for you. If at any time you feel sharp pain, experience dizziness or shortness of breath, please stop immediately and get checked out to ensure you’re safe. If you  begin to feel sexy and you want to get amorous with your partner, please go ahead in an appropriate manner and only with their consent.