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Do you know your love language? Do you know what love languages are? I’m a fan of the love language concept and I’ve shared it with others. Maybe check them out and discover what is your language.

Recently I received an email from them with some examples and I think they will be a blessing to you. This is quoted directly from their email.


Compliments sometimes mean extra when given in the presence of others. Make sure to let your loved ones know how much you care for them in front of other people, too!


What if you switch the way you think about nagging: instead of being annoyed, learn to hear it as, “This is a task that is really important to me, and I will feel so loved when it is completed.” Use nagging as a simple reminder from your partner to love him or her better!


Give your partner a gift every day for a week. Whether extremely creative or sweetly simple, the flow of gifts will make an impact and will create a week to be remembered by both of you!


Instead of asking your loved one, “How was your day?” ask a fresh question, like, “What was the best part of your day?” “What was a success you had today?” or “What did you struggle with today?” Make sure to create enough time to truly listen and care.


Research has shown that babies who are held, hugged, and kissed develop more healthily than those who are neglected. But people never outgrow their need for physical affection! Remember to hug your loved ones this week.

What do you think? Can you speak these love languages? Have you ever taken an assessment to determine your own love language? If so, what is your primary language?