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IMG_0138Do spend any time around children? They tend to be little balls of energy that can explode at any moment. I think adults are the same but usually low key. In my experience, yelling at children to calm down doesn’t work very well – go figure.

Recently I stumbled upon this article:  50 calm-down ideas to try with kids of all ages. Our children are adults now but we do have three grand babies and I am testing these ideas out on them. The upside is, if they fail horribly, I just get to go home and let mom figure it out. Actually, I haven’t tried or even seriously reviewed all of the ideas but a few jumped out to me. If you’re willing and able, maybe give some a try and let me know how it goes.

And here’s another thought: it says for kids of all ages. Perhaps they are good for us adults, too. Anyway, here are the handful I have tried so far: