If you’re trying to be healthy, it’s likely you have been told or have figured out your BMI or Body Mass Index. BMI is calculated¬†by taking a¬†person’s weight in kilograms (kg) divided by his or her height in meters squared. For those of you in the USA, I realize you’re probably thinking kilo-whats?? Sorry for going metric on you but that’s just way it is.

Anyway, BMI is used for all sorts of determinations – medical procedures, insurance, and so on. But here’s the thing…

It’s Barely Meaningful Information.

If you’ve been looking at your BMI and beating yourself up you need to know that it doesn’t tell you anything real about yourself. Should you consider a healthier more active lifestyle? Maybe. Maybe you’re okay as you are right now. The point is, don’t let your BMI mess with your head.

Check out this short video on the truth about BMI.