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What is the worst day of the year?  There are several to choose from but I think there’s one that tops them all.

When we used to live in Yellowknife, one of the worst days was when winter would arrive in force. Blowing wind, snow, bone-chilling cold. Never get used to that. That day was made worse because it was the herald of six months of winter.

Christmas is pretty bad. I used to think Christmas was pretty good, when I was a child. In college, I couldn’t get to Vancouver to see my family for Christmas so I was alone, the consumerism of it really came home, and there was nothing to do.  Note that was before I became a Christian but I still don’t like it today because nothing’s changed. Plus Jesus’ wasn’t born on December 25 so it’s all kind of stupid. Actually, every holiday could be put together into “worst days of the year” award.

This next one is a tie. The first day of school/the first day of exams in school. To be fair, this worst day combo is balanced by the last day of school/last day of exams but still. One of the worst.

Step on the scale day. To be honest, this happens more than one day of the year. Maybe I need to write another blog about “The Worst Day of the Month.”

Any day that a bill is due. Do I need to explain? Running very close to this worst day is the day after payday when, the funds that were in your account a mere 24 hours previous, have almost completely disappeared due to aforementioned bills.

This one is kind of an oldie, before streaming and iTunes, but one of the worst days was when a favourite show was supposed to be on TV but it would get bumped because of a stupid hockey game in overtime or blah blah blah post hockey game commentary (let’s show that play another 100 times).

What could be the worst days ever is the day when anything close to your heart dies. On the other hand, I do believe in a God of life who is the resurrection. That means that as bad as a death is, one day this age of death will be over and I hope in seeing my loved ones again.

So what’s the worst day of the year?  You may not agree with me on this one, regardless, I feel confident saying I’m right…

The worst day of the year is my birthday. I think it started being my worst day of the year when I turned 16. Sixteen is a big year for a young man – it’s when we move past the idiot years of the early teens and a driver’s license can be obtained. We can start getting “real” part time jobs. High school is almost over. Lots to be happy about. When I turned 16, all I wanted was to have dinner at a fancy restaurant with my family. Due to one family member’s work life, we were delayed and the dinner never happened. It was pretty clear where I was as far as priorities go. Over the years, each time it comes around it’s just gotten worse. All the greetings from people you never hear from all year. People fussing about this or that which is uncomfortable and unwelcome. Having to fake smile and say thanks. The lack of any decent presents and so having to buy myself a present which sounds like a good deal until I remember that the reason I have that present is because I had to buy it for myself. As a bonus, there’s the ever nearing icy hand of the grave…

So my birthday has my top vote for worst day of the year. And this time around, it’s the worst of the worst! Maybe it’ll be like the expression goes, once you hit the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. Of course, we can always hit bottom and die there.

What’s your worst day of the year?