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Honestly, I think the super food idea is marketing junk. However, if super foods could be a real thing, my oatmeal breakfast should qualify.

Eating healthy is good for physical, mental and spiritual wellness. I like to make my first meal energy and fibre packed. So this is my oatmeal:

This is what I put together. (For measurements, I went imperial for the comfort and safety of my American friends.)

1/3c   Oatmeal (obviously)
1/3c   Raisons
1tbs  Chia seeds
1tbs  Flax seeds
1tbs  Pumpkin seeds
2tbs Hemp seeds

Sometimes I also include cut up dried apricot.

Normally, I just add boiling water, stir it up, and enjoy. Sometimes after the gym I stop by Starbucks and get a large green tea and then I use that instead of plain water. Yes, it makes it taste a little weird but not in a horrible way.