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I have a BA in Religious Studies with a major in Biblical Languages. I’ve been in full time pastoral ministry for 11 years. I really enjoy it.

As part of my career, the typical path is to get a Mdiv  (Masters in Divinity) or MAPMIN (Masters in Applied Ministry). I’m approved for funding to begin the MAPMIN but I don’t feel motivated to start. Not that I wouldn’t benefit from it; from what I hear it’s a good program. Did I mention that I get funding to take it?

While there is always more to learn in theology – it’s so deep and beautiful and transformational – what I encounter in the real world is hurting people who are helped by what I can share now and they need assistance to break through trauma, loss, failures, and other emotional distress.

Lately, I have been getting the impression that I should get a masters in counselling instead of a theology type masters degree.

However, it’s possible it’s all in my head…