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I would like to blame today’s workout on Jess @PT Contender and FitnessGrad. I don’t suggest you copy this but maybe you can find some ideas for your own workout. Remember, you do you, know what you can do, what your limits are, and be safe out there. Also, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, put your blankety blank blank weights away when you are done with them.

I missed the gym the last two days so it was kind of a catch up day. Plus it’s a good way to diffuse the stress of the week and be ready for tomorrow which will be super busy. So this was my workout.

  • Spin 50 min
  • 500 squats (25 sets of 20 spread out through workout; I alternate between one squat set then another exercise and two squat sets then another exercise)
  • Planks for 45s and Shoulder tap planks for 10 reps – I did this combination about six times throughout the workout)
  • Shoulder raises- side 20 reps x 2 each
  • Shoulder raises- rear 20 reps x 2
  • Dumbell Rows 20 x 2
  • Bench press 20 x 2
  • Shoulder press 15 x 1, 10 x 1
  • Cable crossover 20 x 2
  • Pull ups 8 x 2
  • Dips 10 x 2

I came home to avocado roll because my wife loves me. Now I am so very sleepy.