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My plan for this morning was a 5km treadmill run followed by a short core workout and then a 1-1.5km swim. But I haven’t been sleeping well lately so when my alarm went off at 5am, I listened to my body.

My back said, “You can lay in any position you want but I just won’t be comfortable.”

My chest and arms said, “We’re still sore from Monday.”

My stomach said, “I want a donut with chocolate on top.” My face replied, “If you do that, I’ll make you pay for it.”

My bladder said, “I may not need to be emptied right now, but if you try to go back to sleep I will make it feel like I need to be.”

Another part of me began waving and shouting, “It’s been almost two weeks! It’s been almost two weeks!”

Then my legs said, “Since we’re all sharing, can I talk about those 260 squats from yesterday and what they did to me?” My hips to my toes all had something to say about that.

And finally my brain said, “I can’t shut off with all this noise so I might as well get to work.”

I’m not sure I will listen to my body any more.