Since it’s the start of the year and you might want to get into fitness, I’m sharing what I normally do as part of telling my recovery story. If you missed the first parts, you can check them out: The Cyclist, YK2HR, Swim, Bike, Run, Nap, and Typical Workout.

Remember these exercises work for me. They may not work for you. Your goals may be different than mine and so you may want to do different exercises. If you have any medical issues or injuries, please take care and get some help. Oh yeah, put your blankety blank blank weights away when you’re done.


Four things shape how I structure a workout:

  1. Work to failure – I don’t try to do loads of volume – usually 2 sets, sometimes 3, of each exercise.
  2. Time is short – I try to get weights done in 45 minutes. Get in and get done so I tend to superset exercises.
  3. Injuries ruin training and events – I have some shoulder issues that I have to be careful of so I tend to go high reps and lower weights typically start with 30 reps for the first set and then strive for up to 20 reps to failure.
  4. I don’t want to be huge or super strong just sexy.

Typical Upper Body Weight Work Out

  • Shoulder Raises – side and rear
  • Lat Pull Down + Chest Press
  • Rows + Chest Incline Press or Cable Flies
  • Shoulder Dumbbell Press + Arm Curls + Dips (body weight)
  • Pull Ups + Tricep Press Downs