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Maybe this has happened to you. Maybe you’ve said it to someone or just thought it.

Every once in a while, my wife wonders what I see in her. I’ve often told her but I figured it would be good to write it out. Perhaps it will make you think to share your thoughts with a loved one or maybe it might give you some criteria for what you want in a future partner. At least, if she asks again, I can just text her the link to this post.

A few years back, I was a lifeguard at a city recreation centre. I became friends with the swimmers because I was very customer focused and charming. One of them, Randa, was pleasant and nice to talk with, even though she’s American, and we had common interests. I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend rather my plan was to spend time being single. Even so, I noticed that she was cute and at the pool she wore a black Body Glove bathing suit with a hot green front panel and a zipper down the front. Remember those?  When not in the pool, she did this sexy farm girl thing in denim overall shorts. Not that I paid much attention to those details because I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend.

As time past, we became good friends but as summer was ending, I was heading back to school. It just so happened that my roommate and I needed a third person to help with the rent and my new friend was interested in relocating. It was a good arrangement because the last roommate we had was a bit nuts and Randa was responsible and reasonably sane. After a couple of months, Randa and I were just hanging out and nothing was on TV. I said, “Nothing’s on, what do you want to do.” She said, “I don’t know, what do you want to do.” In February, we’ll celebrate 24 years married.

So what do I see in her?

She’s my best friend. She’s a wonderful wife, mother and grandma. She’s gifted musically; when she sings, it must be like how angels sound. No matter how bad of a mood I might be in, her smile cheers me up; her laugh is pure sunshine. She is a faithful woman; a woman of character, kind and generous.

She’s still pretty easy on the eyes. In fact, I think she gets even more beautiful as the years pass. She’s a good kisser. And when we $*&#^ it’s really (#&@&(*^$^@* and then ^@*(^$*^$)(@*^$ up to 10 times and it’s always ^*^@)(&$*^@*^$*&(%&(&$(&&@(@(&$(&*&!! So that’s good, too.

The best place I can be at any given moment is at her side. We are like warriors together and I know that if we are together we’ll survive any battle.

My wife helped me wake up to grace. When we were married, she had a relationship with God but I didn’t. She didn’t push or nag. No ultimatums. She just prayed for me, listened, and was very patient. The night I decided to devote my everything to God, the first thing I did was ask my wife sing the song, “I Love You, Lord.” It was like heaven celebrating.

When I look into her eyes, she brings a peace that calms the storms in my mind, the troubles in my heart. She brings Christ’s presence into my life and she helps me be all I was created to be. She’s a true partner. 

What do I see in her? When we are lying together before falling asleep and the cares of the world are momentarily behind us, what do I see in her?

I see the greatest blessing I’ve ever been given; I see the face of God.