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I delight in my grandsons. If my children read this, I delight in you too and would even more so if you paid your rent, but I digress…

My oldest grandson likes trains and he’s at the stage where just asks for stuff outright: “Tomorrow, we can go to the store and you can get it for me.”

Now we could talk about his manners and teaching him about appropriate ways to ask for things. But that’s a story for another time.

I have to confess that I like his bold demands. Why does he ask the way he does? Probably because he has me wrapped around his finger but there’s a deeper reason. I think it’s because he is so comfortable in my love and care for him he doesn’t have to do the fluffy stuff – he just asks for what he wants and trusts in me to provide.

I wonder if we could develop that same trust in God who invites us to talk with him, knowing we are his beloved children.