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Often the people who get a lot of attention in life are those who do big things. People who change the world or inspire others to action; those that create and build. We often look at others who we think are doing so much more or being better or achieving bigger than we are. While we can respect them for what they do, I believe that when we focus on these popular events, we miss the truly big things; the important things that matter day to day and the people behind them.

The person who faithfully shows up to work and does their job to the best of their ability; the one other people can count on. The person who makes sure his or her family is taken care of, particularly during hard times. The person who sits with the hurting or even dying.


They are the backbone of our world. The people who aren’t in the spotlight, those who don’t make the headlines. They are people like you and me; regular folks doing their best in a broken world.

The next time you consider yourself and compare who you are and what you have done to those in the limelight, remember you too, make a difference and are a valuable part of this world.

Along these lines, consider watching this short TED talk about the things that really matter.