Another great insight from Beauty Beyond Bones.


Are you sitting down?

Because I’ve got some news.

OK, maybe I’m building it up a little much. #guilty


But guys, The SAT’s are changing.

I know. High school me is legit wigging out on the inside.


The essay — optional. Calculators — banned for parts of it. Vocabulary — less obscure and more “workplace-oriented”…whatever that means. And lastly….it’s going to be offered digitally

I know. I’ll wait while you collect yourself.


I have a very sad feeling that #2 pencils are slowly becoming extinct.


So, I have a confession. I am clearly not in high school. I am a twenty something New Yorker. I don’t own a snapchat. I’ve worn a croptop all of 2 times. And (spoiler alert) I don’t “FeelTheBern.” So, in an effort to stay relevant with the youths of today, I do a little recon work.

I know. I am so cool.

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