ACL Healing is a 4 part series based off insights from “The Wounded Heart” by Dr. Dan Allender.

It’s been said that everyone has a story that will make you cry and many have a story that will knock you to your knees in overwhelming grief.  Sadly, nobody escapes this life without some wounds. These wounds affect how we relate to ourselves, to each other, and to God. They can be mildly annoying or completely debilitating. They can occasionally discourage us or cripple us with suicidal depression.

How can we move past the wounds? How can we find healing and begin to live that abundant life God desires to give us? There are three painful, difficult, and yet totally worthwhile steps – a lifelong process really – that open the door to healing our wounds.

HOWEVER, coming from the position that God is our creator, rescuer, and restorer; He alone provides healing for our deep wounds. Before we even consider the three steps, a critical question must be asked:

“Do I believe that God is a loving Father who is committed to my deepest well-being, that He has the right to use everything that is me for whatever purposes He deems best, and that surrendering my will and my life entirely to Him will bring me the deepest joy and fulfillment I can know this side of heaven?”

Did you answer, “Yes?” I can promise you that although the path to healing will be rocky and scary it is certain and trustworthy.

Did you answer, “No?” The whole thing seems ridiculous and pointless and you will likely treat the steps, along with me and yourself, with utter contempt.

As always, the decision is yours.