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One of my most favourite devotional books is called, “Steps to Jesus.” I just started re-reading it again and something jumped out at me.
“God made Adam and Eve perfectly holy and happy. The earth was beautiful as it came from the Creator’s hand. Nothing was spoiled or dying. But Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s law—His law of love. Disobedience brought sadness and death. Yet God showed His love even when sin was causing suffering. – {STJ 3.4}”

I think it’s interesting that the author emphasized “law of love.” It seems to me, that we often stop at “disobeyed God’s law;” Adam and Eve did a bad thing; we see it purely behaviourally. They did bad, we do bad, we’re in legal trouble for breaking the law.

And yet, with the emphasis on law of love, to me, this makes it purely a relationship break down. That in turn means that as God seeks you and encourages you to come back home, he’s not fixing a legal problem but a relational problem.

Does that change the way you relate to God?