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I’m going to assume that you want to love and be loved in return. If you’re married, I’m also going to assume you want a marriage that’s healthy and truly lasts until death do you part. What do you do when things get tough? What do you do when things start to cool? What do you do?

A casual glance at the magazines along the grocery store check out reveals there is lots of advice on how to improve our relationships. Unfortunately, most of it’s the same old stuff just regurgitated every month.

They're all the same!

They’re all the same!

Rather than some quick tips that might make you pull a muscle, over the next few weeks, I want to suggest three principles that I have found to help my own relationship and the relationships of my friends. These principles all begin with the letter E; Three E’s to a Marvellous Marriage.

Stay tuned for for the first E next week.