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In the last letter of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, God sends a last message of warning to a dying planet – Revelation 14:6-12. This message is given by three angels to “those who dwell on the earth;” people who hate God and hate those who love God. It’s a serious message – the consequences are life and death – but it’s a message given in great love because God is willing to go to the uttermost to reach even his most aggressive enemies.

What happens when we worship something? We become who we worship. If we choose to worship the beast, we will become like the beast, we will manifest his character; we will receive his mark.

Some are very adamant that the mark of the beast has to do with what day you worship on. Specifically some say that worshipping on Sunday, instead of on God’s Sabbath, will lead to being marked by the beast. Is that true?

Remember how we receive the mark – it’s about who we worship. Worshipping God leads to sealing. Worshipping the beast leads to marking; a false sealing. Words that end in “ship” are talking about a way of life. Worship is an everyday event. If you only worship one day a week for a hour or so – be it Sabbath or Sunday – your spiritual life is  will be empty and lack the power of God.

On the other hand, “Sunday sacredness” is distinctly different than “worship on Sunday” and it’s a problem. Sabbath was established on the seventh day by God. God made it special time and it is overflowing with meaning. It points back to creation and God as creator. It points back to freedom from slavery and God as the bondage breaker. It points back to the cross and God as our righteous redeemer. It points forward to our complete restoration and reunion with God once the war is over.

Sunday sacredness is the replacement of Sabbath and it’s meaning.
It was not established by God but by men.
Sunday sacredness is not found anywhere in scripture.
It’s not a memorial for anything; there is nothing that it points back to.
Sunday sacredness was never set apart as special time.
It’s not commanded as a rest day by God; it’s commanded to be a work day like the other five days of the week.

Sunday sacredness ignores God as creator, undermines his word and his commandments, and ultimately is grounded in man’s desire to save himself rather than let God be his savior. For all these reasons, Sunday sacredness separates a person from God and makes it easier for the the beast to manifest his character – his mark – in the heart.

Sabbath worship won’t protect you from the mark of the beast, his name, or ensure you are sealed with God’s name. There are those who worship on Sabbath who are very beast-like. However, honouring Sabbath sacredness will protect against the mark of the beast because true Sabbath experience brings one closer to God, helps us discover the riches of his grace. Embracing Sabbath drives home our need for God; it teaches us that we cannot save ourselves; that everything we are, is found in Christ.

Would you be willing to try experiencing Sabbath sacredness?