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Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. It seems to me that fairly soon, the words we associate with them will become part of life – kind of how Kleenex is the word for all facial tissue. Here’s some examples of how this will likely play out.

Blackberried – When you show up late for something, when you drop the ball or miss out. Example: The party started at 7 but I blackberried it and missed all the food.

Android – When your life is really scattered and you’re inconsistent across the things you do. Example: He seemed like a good hire but he would start something and then only do it half way. What an android.

Windows/Surfaced – The sad and lonely feeling you get when nobody wants you around. Example: I’m so windows today. Or: Hey are you going to the dance? No, I just end up sitting by the wall and surfacing.

iPhone – Those times when you get things just right or when you’re proven yourself really reliable. Example: Have you noticed that Kyle has really improved everything we do? Yes, he really iPhones it.