Our daughter has a two year old and a new baby. Yesterday, I picked up my older grandson so we could hang out, go on some errands, and give mom a break.  It’s a treat to spend time with him as he’s learning constantly.

10 minutes down the street and he’s fast asleep. So much for our errands and plans. I just became the driver.

It reminded me of when our children were very young. They would want to go out, my wife would want to go out. I would ask, “Where do you want to go?” The reply was almost aways the same, “It doesn’t matter; you decide.” Into the car, out onto the freeway, and within 10 minutes everybody was asleep.  I would figure out some place to go and just drive.

Honestly, it used to bug me quite a bit. But yesterday, as I drove around the city so my grandson could have a good sleep, it occurred to me that perhaps my role is to create these safe spaces and times. An environment where people feel so relaxed and safe that they can drift off to sleep knowing that wherever we are going we’ll end up there and it will be good.

After all these years, I am now content being the driver.