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If you just had a few moments to call out a warning to people you love, what would you say and how would you say it? What would you be willing to risk? If you knew that the warning would be scoffed at and ignored, would you still give it? I ask you to consider these questions and more in a series called, “The Three.”

In the last letter of the Bible, there’s a lot of symbolism; a story being told with vivid imagery. In that letter we find an urgent message in Revelation 14:6-11.

In the message there is a short phrase that we might be tempted to skip over and only see shouting, wrath, fornication, and beasts. And yet, the phrase the “everlasting Gospel (Good News)” is the central point of the three angels message to the world.

In the time the apostle John is writing this vision down, the Good News was a specific announcement concerning the victory over a terrible enemy. It’s not good advice – things you should do or not do. It’s not future news – something that might happen if the conditions are just right. Good news says the battle has been won; the enemy is defeated; we have been set free!

Even though it might not sound like it, we have to understand that the three angels are giving a message that is another way of telling that old, old story – the good news of God.