In Luke’s letter called Acts, in chapter 3,  Peter and John are going to pray at the temple when they cross paths with a man who has been lame since birth. It has been this man’s daily experience for years to sit at the same gate in the temple.

Think about this for a minute: Why didn’t Jesus heal this man? This man was at ground zero during the last part of Jesus’ ministry and Jesus was healing people all over the place. How did he get missed?

What I believe is that God needed to delay his healing for this particular moment. Maybe the man’s faith needed to be strengthened first. Maybe God wanted to work through Peter and John for their salvation. Perhaps it was only at this very moment that the greatest good would be realized.

If you’ve ever prayed for God to do something in your life and it seems like nothing has happened, consider this man. He wasn’t forsaken and forgotten. Neither are you. Why the wait? Maybe God is “delaying” so that something truly spectacular, something eternally significant, may happen at just the right time.