In the beginning, human beings were created naked and not ashamed. Of course, we know that was lost.

It began when Adam and Even accepted a distorted picture of their Dad in heaven and they began to distrust him. Then they displaced God from the centre of their life claiming the role of god and judge of themselves and others. The fall out was almost immediate – they were ashamed.

Brené Brown’s research indicates that shame is grounded in a fear of disconnection; it comes from a sense of being unworthy; unacceptable. We see shame’s toxic tentacles sinking into human hearts – they run and hide from the only one who can help them, they became guarded; put up walls and interestingly, they began to blame – blame each other, blame God. God’s revelation that when we disconnect from him, death begins to work in us, was already coming true.

Since then, one of the works that God is doing in those that abide in him is to remove shame and make us people that can be vulnerable again.