The human tendency is to approach spiritual things like a checklist.  Do this, do that. We easily turn things into rituals and suck the life out of them.

I’ve been sharing that, since the terrible mess began, the Eternal One has been working to restore. We can see that one day he will restore Eden, recreating the heavens and earth. He is restoring us and our relationship with him, too. He invites us receive his restoration and that’s called abiding.

An easy test to see if you are abiding is to meditate on this question: “Are there areas in my life that I believe I have under control; that I can handle it?” If so, these are likely areas where you are not abiding; you have left walls up that say to God, “Stay out, private property.” If you face many situations saying, “I’ve got it” – by word or deed – you are probably not abiding.

How do you abide? You can’t manufacture abiding – it’s not a program or a technique. Abiding is a result or consequence of dwelling upon the love, grace, glory and majesty of God.  As you read your Bible; watching how he moves, leads, encourages, and even disciplines you catch a glimpse of the creator of the universe, your King, shepherd, Teacher , Father, Husband. As you see him more clearly, day by day placing your trust in him, Eternal One-Spirit will take you more and more into abiding in him.