In what is commonly called the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus told us to pray the following:

forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.*

Is God’s forgiveness conditional or unconditional? Yes.

Jesus who was showing us what God is really like was always unconditionally forgiving people. Paul’s letters in the Bible reinforce Jesus’ work by telling us that while we were hopeless, powerless, totally incapable of doing anything good or right on our own God forgave us all our sins, every one of them, completely.  God’s forgiveness is unconditional.

This is critical because we need to know that God is safe for us to bring all our past, pain, dreams, hopes, and fears to. That’s the only way he can heal us and remake his image in us.

And yet, God’s forgiveness is conditional.

*Matthew 6:9-13 on BibleGateway