By the time you read this Oprah will have had her interview with Lance Armstrong and he will have admitted to drug use as part of his training and competing in cycling. Is this really a surprise?

It’s highly unlikely that any elite athlete today hasn’t tried or regularly used some form of enhancement. Even a cursory review of the history of performance drugs reveals that many drugs were made specifically for sport. This doesn’t diminish their natural talent, gazillion hours of training, and other sacrifices to be the best of the the very best. Drugs don’t make an elite athlete; they help make elite athletes more elite.

While I don’t support drug use, the reality is that the consumers (you) want bigger, faster, stronger and they want that year after year. We buy the shoes, shows, and whatever else their bigger, faster, stronger is used to sell us.  Along with this, we don’t want to know how they do it; we want them to lie to us so we can believe in a reality that doesn’t exist.

It’s hypocritical to be shocked and angered when an athlete is found to have used drugs. We are just getting what we are paying for.