I believe in recycling and do so whenever I can. I don’t like to waste. However, I’m not that good at following all the rules. My newsprint gets mixed into my white paper. I often don’t take labels off cans and bottles (aka never).

I have heard people talk about God as this hyper-efficient, highly structured, being. God is a god of order they say. Truly, we can see order in the universe and other natural structures. However, I suspect people also mean he is like them – rigid, inflexible and conservative. If he recycled he would follow every rule and he would ensure nothing gets wasted. There is some truth in all that and yet there is this other way God acts.

When it comes to loving others God is completely wasteful. He just pours it on, hold nothing back and expects nothing in return.  The impact this waste has on people is transformational. I want to be a waster like that.