Many people try the Christian faith but find it lacking. Even people who grow up “in the church” often drop out. Those that remain might say that it was the “lure of worldly things” or the person’s unwillingness to surrender to God that drew them away.  Rarely does the church family take responsibility for the person’s withdrawal from the church community or even the faith itself.

If we are willing to be honest, we might see that Christians regularly take the most important, fundamental, reality of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ – and added something else.  Now these “something elses” are not bad things – they are often part of our journey back home to the heart of God. Also, those that have added the something else are not bad people. They want the best for their brothers and sisters or they are simply doing what they were taught.

The problem is, whenever we combine Jesus and something else, no matter how good it is, we are giving people two masters to serve.  This is bound to fail. Perhaps the person will recover; hopefully they will become centred on the one, and only, true master which is Jesus. But sometimes they don’t and they will eventually be crushed by the weight of this burden.

Until we realize that it’s One plus none, this pattern will continue to repeat itself.