You may have never heard of The Notebook – ha ha ha, yeah right.  It’s probably one of the most popular books/films out there. It’s a great romance about two young lovers and their journey to be together. However, the part that really hits my heart is the commitment of the much older Noah who reads the notebook to his wife Allie, who has Alzheimer’s, so that she will “come back to him.”*

This is a picture of God and the Bible.

Our brokenness causes us to be like Allie. We aren’t lucid; we’ve forgotten the one who has loved us from the beginning, who makes us truly alive. God inspired people to write his love story so that we can remember and come back to him.

The Bible contains historical information, but it’s not a history book. It reveals cultures, geography, and religious practices but these are just the side details in a greater story. The Bible a love story about a God who so loved the world he gave every part of himself so we could be with him forever.  It has it’s greatest impact upon us when we read it this way.

When I find someone who wants to discover God, I point them to the New Testament and the Good News According to John.  This is a great place to begin reading the love story. Why not try it out? Only read it as fast as you can understand the story; after all the goal is not to win a race but discover a relationship.

*Spoiler alert.