One of my favourite authors simultaneously inspires and convicts me. She has a way of talking about kingdom truth that draws me closer and closer to God. I came across some comments she made about fault finding. This is the three of three. (Go to first post or second post.)

“When you are tempted to speak unadvisedly, be on guard. If some one else approaches you with words of criticism regarding one of God’s children, turn a deaf ear to every such word. If you are spoken to harshly, never retaliate. Utter not a word. When under provocation, remember that “silence is eloquence.” Silence is the greatest rebuke that you can possibly give a faultfinder or one whose temper is irritated. Keep your eye fixed on Jesus. Keep your eye on the One who never finds fault with you, only to lay before you perils from which He would deliver you.”—Manuscript 95, 1906, 8-12, 14-17. (“Lesson from Romans 15,” October 20, 1906.) – {7MR 271.3}