I often talk with people about prayer. My next few posts will consider prayer in our lives.

This is from the book Experiencing God.

Prayer is not a one-way conversation in which you merely list everything you want God to do. Your personal prayer life may primarily be one-way communication but prayer is more than that. Prayer is two-way fellowship and communication with God. You speak to God and he speaks to you. Prayer includes listening. In fact, what God says in prayer is far more important than what you say. God already knows what you are going to say. You, however, do not know what God is thinking.

Prayer is a relationship not just a religious activity. Its purpose is to adjust you to God, not to align God with your thinking. God doesn’t need your prayers, but he wants you to pray because of what God wants you to do in and through your life as you pray.
God speaks to his people by the Holy Spirit through prayer. When the Holy Spirit reveals a spiritual truth to you in prayer, he is present and actively working in your life. Genuine prayer does not lead to an encounter with God. It is an encounter with God.