In Pop Culture Religion there are generally two views when it comes to heaven.

  1. God is stern and hard to please and you really have to work at it to get into heaven.
  2. Doesn’t matter what you do, everybody gets into heaven.

Unfortunately, we can’t find the truth in fictional books, movies and television. We need to look in the Bible.

The Bible tells us about a God who wants you to come home to be with him. He desires your companionship. He created you to be in a loving relationship with him.

As such, he makes it easy for you to come home. Regardless of your mistakes, failures and outright evil deeds, God incarnate as man in Jesus the Christ set you right, forgave you, cleared your slate, and promises to make a place for you in his home.

At the same time, he won’t force you to come home. If you determine to live your life completely separate from God; disinterested in a relationship with Him, and self-centred in your ways; He will let you go, with great sorrow, the way you have decided to go.