I came across a video this week that fits so perfectly with today’s post.  I hope it blesses you.

In the Bible, there are many metaphors for how God wants to relate to us.

He is Creator and Redeemer.
He is King and High Priest.
He is Shepherd, Counselor, Father
He is even our brother.

Each one reaches people where they are and each one is valuable to learn and take into our life. In fact, the more of the metaphors we can embrace, the deeper our relationship with God will be.  There is a downside to these metaphors. In our relationship with God, we have a tendency to easily  move from grace to fear, guilt, indebtedness, or obedience from obligation.

There is one metaphor that I believe is the most significant; the most life changing: God wants to be our husband. This kind of relationship shows up in many places in the Old Testament. In Isaiah 54:5 we read: “For your Maker is your husband — the Lord Almighty is his name…”  In the New Testament, Jesus states that he is the bridegroom.

The significance of this relationship is that in a marriage there are three things that call us closer to God. A marriage is a relationship of Priority – God wants to be number 1, first over everything; it’s a relationship of Intimacy – God is asking for total honesty and openness along with unreserved passion and love; it’s a relationship of transformation – God wants to love us into being everything he created us to be.

When we determine that God will have ultimate priority in our lives and we are willing to confess everything about ourselves, there is nothing in our character, our spirituality, and even our physical habits that he can’t transform for good.