Saved?: It’s common for Christians to ask people, “Have you been saved by Jesus Christ?” or they say, “Jesus will save you from your sins.” What I have noticed is that most people either don’t understand this jargon or they see words like “saved” and “sins” as outdated, irrelevant or even oppressive or insulting. They might be thinking, “I’m not so bad, I volunteer, donate, work hard, and take care of my family. Why are you trying to put all this guilt and shame on me?”

Consider this perspective. Do you have a deep wound in your life that you avoid because it still creates anguish and sorrow? Is there something that holds you back from really living? Do you struggle with depression or even just loneliness? Do you find yourself caught in habits that threaten everything you hold dear? Do you feel like you are adrift; that your life lacks direction or purpose? Do you wish you had more joy; that your marriage was stronger; that your relationships with your children were better?

In the original Bible language, the word “saved” also means “to heal.”

Would you like comfort for your wounds, to have them healed so you can grow past them? Do you want courage, strength, and discernment so you can break past the barriers that stand in your way? Do you desire a way out of depression and loneliness? Do you hunger for freedom from your habits that are crushing your life. Do you lay in bed at night crying for love, patience, compassion and discipline your marriage and family desperately need? Are you ready to turn away from the dead things in your life so they can be replaces with life in abundance?

Does any of this sound like something you’d like to have in your life?

If so, stick around because as we get to know each other I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.