A first blog post must, in my opinion, be profound, vision setting, entertaining, inviting, and short.  And then there is my first post.

Here’s the deal. There are gods everywhere. Even religious atheists have a god, often themselves but usually it’s a god they were taught about who they hate (and frankly if the typical god of the religious atheist did exist I wouldn’t like him either).

Our gods are the things and sometimes even people who we look to satisfy our deepest needs.  A friend of mine has a song called, “Man of God.” The key thought is: If the man you desire isn’t a man of God, he’s going to want to be god over you.

The main problem with these gods is that, even though we want them to meet our needs, they never can and we are always left frustrated, unsatisfied under the best conditions and enslaved and defeated under the worst conditions. Sadly, the failures of our gods leave us open for even more gods who continue to fail us again and again. Round and round we go.

I read once that Christians in the first centuries were called atheists because they refused to worship the many gods of the surrounding culture.  That appeals to me. I too want to be a cultural atheist. For that matter I want to be a complete and utter atheist in all areas that don’t lead me to who or what can truly speak to my heart.